[App] Externe pour Prime de Guilde

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    [App] Externe pour Prime de Guilde

    Message par tag le Dim 6 Avr - 20:59

    voici un petite appli  mieux qu une explication voici une video

    voici le lien pour le telecharger en sachant qu il n interfere en aucun cas avec gw2


    D'un point de vue sécurité du programme, l'auteur nous donne :
    => MD5: 6cab92c7bfcab97d2c315925bfcea98c
    => Virus Scan
    => Si vous êtes intéressé, le code source du programme peut être trouvé, après installation, directement dans : C:\Program Files (x86)\bountyhunter\Resources

    si vous voulez lire l auteur

    Hello fellow players (i.e. game players, not playas wink.

    I just finished messing around with a little project to build a Guild Bounty tracker tool to help with Guild Bounty missions, and would now like to release it into the wild to see if it is of any use to anyone.

    Please see this video for a quick demo / overview of it, and if interested download it and give it a try smile

    For the security conscious / paranoid amongst you:

    * MD5: 6cab92c7bfcab97d2c315925bfcea98c
    * Virus Scan

    Some key points:

       Designed to be used while running GW2 in 'windowed fullscreen' mode (Options -> Graphics Options, set Resolution to 'Windowed Fullscreen').
       Has absolutely 0 awareness, or interaction with the game client (no different to having a web page open while playing)
       Currently works only as a standalone app, as given the time/effort/cost to add networking support - I wanted to see what people thought of it first.

    If people like it and find it useful then I will get the source code up and continue development big_smile

    Feel free to ping me in-game as SolidCypher.8214, and you can send bug reports, suggestions, etc to "GW2AppliedDevelopmentLab+bh AT gmail DOT com".

    Note: I have only tested it on Windows 7, but it should run fine on other versions.

    Maps are courtesy of the excellent dulfy.net (credit to the original authors is given).

    If this is not for you, then take a look at http://bounty.caer.me/ instead.

    Many thanks!

    voila un petit plus qui permet au gens qui n on pas deux ecran de sans sortir plus facilement n hesitez pas a me posé des question si vous ne comprenez pas comment il marche

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